Hi Sydney, Hope you are well. I got Distinction 🙂 

Muhammad S1.2022 GSL

Hi Andrew,   I’m so very pleased to let you know that I received a High Distinction in Contemporary Business Issues.  I really enjoyed the subject and I know your insights and experience in the weekly tutorials absolutely played a big part in my results.  Your help was very much appreciated.  Kind Regards  

Tamara L S1 2022

Hi Sydney, Yes. I passed the exam.  It is great having PDL resources for extra practice and material. 

Thanks and regards, GY. S1 2022

“PDL has been very instrumental for me to complete the CPA program. PDL comprehensive weekly online classes paved the way to success for the overseas candidates like me, it wouldn’t have been an easy journey without PDL. Weekly classes keep candidates on track and additional support resources like PDL Cafe, Recorded Lectures, Support Slides Note, MCQ’s, Practice Exam enhance the concept about the subject. The Magical Quick Reference Index helps you right in the exam. I am grateful to the PDL team for their Wonderful support.”

Kind Regards, David F.S1.2022, Muhammad Saleem.S1 2022

Hi Jonathon, A quick note to say thank you for your guidance during my Financial Reporting studies. I really enjoyed your Tuesday night classes and your style of teaching – I achieved a Distinction, which I can’t believe. As you said “It’s your attitude at the beginning of a task which will determine whether you succeed or fail” Thank you again.


Kind Regards, David F.S1.2022

Hi Trevor, Thanks and hope you are doing well. Received my result last night and I passed the SMA exam😀. Thanks for all the guidance and support throughout the semester. Trevor I must say, in the last term, I learnt so much about the answers technique during the CPA exam. All thanks to you for sharing the technique. The amount of practice tests and the study material that we received was really helpful. Once again thanks for all the support. 

Regards Harpreet S1,2022

Hi Andrew,   I passed my exam 😄  Thankyou for everything.   


Stephanie.S1 2022

I am through SMA with a credit. I wanted to get a distinction but thinking of what happened leading up to the exam I am very happy with what I have achieved.
I got Covid 5 days prior to the exam and for couple of days I was very sick. I was very afraid I would not be able to sit for the exam but I decided not to defer the exam thinking of all the hard work that I put in during the semester. I am glad that I was on track with my studies which gave me confidence to sit the exam. Only the preparation in the last few days were hindered due to Covid.

I want to thank you for the amazing support and teaching given to us. All the classes were very helpful and I learned a lot from and I hope others also have done well. Without the classes it would have been difficult to fully understand this subject. 


Supul S1 2022

Just wanted to say I did doubt your teaching style and especially the way you approached income taxes but it obviously worked as I scored the highest in Income Taxes and passed FR. I have one subject left and I am super grateful so thanks a lot! Keep well


Dean. S1 2022

Hi John, I had been enrolling to PDL for the past few semesters.  I find that PDL had been providing excellent services, resources as well as dedicated tutors. Your Tutors taught me: Financial Reporting, , Strategic Management Accounting,  Contemporary Business Issues Advanced Audit & Assurance. PDL, please keep up the good work.  



Thanks. Regards, Guang You

Hi PDL Academy team, It was truly a great experience and support from the online practise exam that I enrolled for the first time subject offer-Digital Finance. It helped me to gain more in depth understanding and confident for exam preparation that result in a distinction grading for the subject. I really appreciate that! Thanks and have a lovely weekend. Stay safe. 



Regards, Alice S2.2021

Hi Sam, Yes I passed with a credit. PDL took a great part in this appreciated. 


Amina.S2, 2021

  Hi Andrew, The exam went well,  but I am getting ready for my last module Global Leadership.   Thank you for your support.   


Amadou D. S2 2021

HI Hasan, I did it! And yes it’s my final year. Thanks to PDL & team. Appreciate it and it’s been a pleasure to do this journey with PDL assistance

Regards, Susy S2 2021

Dear John, Thanks for your wishes. I cleared SMA with credit. And the PDL course helped, especially the practice tests, asking one to understand the subtle differences between the choices……balancing the assumptions, multiple correct answers, and the subjectivity involved therein. A must even after you have mastered the subject. 

Thanks Ashu S2 2021.S2 2021

Hi Sam, I’d like to thank you for the course. I truly appreciate you and your time and I enjoyed your lecture. You made this subject (FR) easy to understand.  I could not believe it when I saw my result, pass with Distinction.  

Thanks again Sam 😊 Kind Regards, Ritha.S2 2021

Hi PDL, I got credit for GSL this semester and it was my last subject in CPA Program. Thank you for your study support, it was very helpful and I don’t think I could successfully pass this exam without your materials, MCQ/practice tests, and tutorials! I recommend everyone to use your service!

Regards, Victoria S2.2021

Finally, I passed it. I am feeling so happy today. Thank you for all your support and guidance. Without you, I don’t think I can make it. Also, this is my final subject with the CPA program. After 4 years of study, I have learned a lot through the CPA program and really enjoy this journey. Thank you and really appreciate it. 


Best Regards Tiffany S2.2021

Hi Sam, I’m pleased to tell you that I passed! I want to thank you for your help. If it wasn’t for your workshop and the answering of my questions I don’t think I would have received the result. 

Thank you and God bless. Felipe. S2.2021

Hi Sam, Hope you are well too.  I am so happy to inform you that I have received an HD for FR.  Thank you so much for your guidance and teaching throughout this semester. I am very grateful and appreciate your efforts and supports in making this possible. Wishing you all the best! 

Kind regards Yuvady. S2, 2021

Hi Sam, I got my results and I cleared the subject. I got a credit. I really thank you for your classes. Your PowerPoint slides were like my bible in the exam. I did cover the full book twice but 90% of the time in the exam I referred to your slides. Thank you so much again for your amazing guidance. 

Regards Priyanka.S2 2021

Hi, I am happy to say that I passed my exam. Enrolling in PDL Academy was very beneficial, I found your resources and online classes very helpful.

Kind regards. Odele S2.2021

Hi Andrew, Just to let you know that I passed the exam and got a “Credit” I wanted to thank you for all your guidance and the interesting discussions that we had in the course. I really enjoyed it and you opened my way of seeing things as well, so thank you again!! All the best, please take care and wishing you happy holidays! 

Kind regards GY S2,2021

Hi Jonathan, I am very excited to say that I passed Financial Reporting this time! This was my second time completing FR and found the weekly sessions helped keep me on track, especially during EOFY as well explaining in simple terms a lot of the concepts that we don’t do in our sector like deferred tax and consolidation. I will be recommending the PDL weekly sessions to all my staff. 

Thank you, Jemma. FR. S2. 2021

Hi Jonathan, I want to pass my sincere thank you to PDL and your exam tips, your webinars for helping me to pass FR on the first attempt. I passed with credit (642/900).  A very happy student. 

Thank you Regards, Renuka FR-S2 2021

Hi Sam,  Thank you so much for your help. I got 613/900. I couldn’t have done it without you. Despite the fact, I joined tutoring in week 6. I’ll definitely start tutoring again by week 1  

Thank you Regards, Jimmy S2,2021

Hi Jonathan,  I passed! This was my 3rd attempt at FR so very happy to move on to the next unit(2 to go). Thank you so much. 

Kind regards, Melissa FR S2.2021

“Hope you are well. I passed the exam and just want to send my gratitude. It’s been a good semester, I really enjoyed the classes ( what really stood out is Sydney’s teaching / delivery method and combined with the class interactions(with the tutor and other candidates) that really helped me in understanding the concepts and made the whole experience fun and productive. The MCQ’s during classes, the real life examples, the home challenges, the summary, the practice exams, your quick prompt responses to all the questions, all of them really helped me to keep myself in check on my understandings and my study plan”. Huge thank you and all the best!.

Kind Regards, H. GSL S1 2021

Hi Josephine,  I passed FRM with credit. Thank you for the help from Carlos and PDL team. 

Regards, Matthew M.FRM.S1 2021

Gerry I PASSED !!!! So thrilled I did pass by the skin on my teeth but guess what a PASS is a PASS. Thank you so much for all your hard work last semester, 

Kind Regards Jacqui M. SMA. S1 2021

” PDL has the best strategies and practice materials. I am satisfied with the quality of training and support from the whole team. Received a credit in SMA, a big thank you to Gerry for his excellent teaching and guidance throughout the semester. Happy to enroll into PDL for this upcoming semester”.

Kind regards, Yuvady.S1 2021 SMA

“Hi Sam, thank you for your email, I got a credit. 

Hi Jonathan, I received a Distinction which was pretty awesome.  And my best subject was Deferred Tax!  I know I definitely wouldn’t have gotten those results without your great teaching and PDL’s great resources so thanks so much for everything. 

Thanks Gerry, Feel happy to announce that I have passed. I have worked so hard to get positive results. Thank you once again for all your help.

Regards Amar B. SMA S1.2021

“Hi Andrew, Thanks for the support in the last semester. I manage to pass and clear the CBI module. Thanks again. Please stay safe and well”.  😊

Best regards, GY. CBI. S1 2021

Hi Gerry, I achieved a high Distinction and I am so happy. Thankyou for all your support and guidance throughout-you provided very useful tools and tips and you showed great patience when I needed it most. Very much appreciated.

Regards Liz. SMA S1 2021

Hi Gerry! I passed wohoo. I found the exam extremely difficult regardless of all my study. I got 580 – I thought I had failed so I am happy with a pass. Thanks for your help. 

Veronica. SMA S1 2021

“Hi Sydney, I passed my GSL exam. Thank you for all your support and ever ending encouragement during our weekend online classes. Your sessions were instructive, yet engaging simultaneously. Your enthusiasm came through in your instructing and is by all accounts a piece of what makes you a compelling educator. I’m happy I took this unit with you. Much appreciated. Now to the next step” 😀.


Cheers. Antony. GSL S1 2021

I passed the exam! Thanks to you. Greatly appreciate all the efforts,   the tips and all other stuffs you shared to us. Have a lovely weekend ahead! Regards

CV.CBI S1 2021

Hi Paul, Thanks for your email. Just wanted to let you know that I passed Advanced Taxation and received a credit and have now advanced to CPA status. Thanks for your PDL presentations this semester. I found you working through the questions the most helpful. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Dennis. AT..S2 2020

Hi Jonathan, I’ve passed the exam. The help I’ve got from your tutorials was without a doubt fundamental in passing this exam. Your approach to teaching deferred taxes and consolidated financial statements and all the support exercises provided by PDL definitely gave me an edge. Thank you so much, Jonathan! Merry Xmas and a Happy 2021 for you and your family! Regards, 

Andre.S2 2020

Hi Sydney,  I hope you are well.  I passed GSL and AAA.  No more CPA Program for me 😊  Thank you for your help and support.  Cheers, 

Sofía .GSL.S2.2020

Hi Sydney, I have passed the exam; In fact, I was planning to re-sit next semester with your tutorials again as I wasn’t expected to meet the pass grade…. And the subject was really interesting to me the way you conducted the tutorials. Was confident with multiple choice questions, The case studies are lengthy and I wished if I’d more practiced on them,,, very practical scenarios. Could not have done without you!!! Wishing you Merry Xmas and Cheers for a fantastic 2021. Thanks again!!! 

Thilini. GSL S2 2020

Hi Trevor, I would like to let you know that I have passed my exam. I am very very happy with the results. I would like to thank you for your help during the semester. I can confirm that without your clear explanation and pointing some specific issues with the subject maybe I would not pass SMA exam. Thank you for the additional slides which you have shared with us after each course. They helped me a lot to polish my knowledge. Also, would like to thank John and all PDL team. I would repeat myself but thank you once again. I am already on board with PDL Academy for next semester FR is my next course. I paid without hesitation because I am sure about the quality of professional training that I got for my preparation for my SMA exam. Thank you again Trevor. I sincerely appreciate your support during last semester.

Dimo SMA. S2 2020.

Hi Trevor, Thank you so much for all your help this semester. I have failed SMA twice only by a few marks and I decided to go with PDL to help with extra study. I ended up receiving a Credit of 611, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again, definitely going to be using PDL for my last two subjects next semester. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😊 S2, 2020

Jasmine. SMA S2 2020

Hi Gerry, Just wanted to let you know I passed SMA. I was so far  behind in my studies with no chance of passing when I decided to  enrol in the course you took. I found your training so helpful and attribute my pass solely to your content and tips. Thank you again and  I would recommend this course to anyone doing their CPA studies.  

Thanks Jody B. S2 2020

Hi Jonathan, Hope you’re doing well. Am very pleased to inform you that I passed my FR exam. Thank you very much for your support, guidance and always making the classes enjoyable 😁. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Kind regards, 


Hi Jonathan, I got a Distinction for Financial Reporting. Thank you so much for your patience and kind help this semester. I found your P/L method was super useful in the final exam and I will definitely recommend PDL Academy to my friends. Thank you so much. Kind regards 

Yasmine. S2, 2020.FR

I was in your semester 2 class for FR and our results have come out. I was resisting this unit after multiple failed attempts and not only did I pass…. I passed with a distinction!! My confidence had also taken a real hit so your motivation and exam preparation talks throughout really meant a lot for me. Thank you again and all the best. 

J Penny.S2.2020. FR

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your email. I received my results and was ‘shocked’ to see a score of 679 which was a distinction although i was just praying for a Pass. Thanks for all your support.

Sush.S2 FR

Hi Jonathan, I have passed the exam. Thank you for your great support and excellent teaching. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy new year! Regards 


Hi Andrew, Firstly I want to say thank you for a wonderful semester of CBI, it was truly my favourite subject of the CPA program. I just want to let you know I got a HD! That is due to a great deal to your wonderful weekly seminars, so thank you! They definitely kept me on track and even when I fell behind, meant I knew what I was reading about when I did catch up. Thanks for everything!

Nicole.S2.2020 CBI

Hi Andrew, I ended up receiving a Pass of 558, even while I had a neighbour playing Dance music for most of my exam, so happy to pass. Thank you for your help this semester and will definitely be using PDL again next semester. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😊 Kind regards, 

Jasmyn. CBI. S2.2020, Thankyou Br-Saleem

Dear PDL Team, I am pleased to share that I was successful at the GSL exam and PDL online extensive course support resources was a very useful tool for exam preparation and subsequent success. Thank you very much PDL for continuous support to my CPA journey.

Thankyou Br-Saleem

Hi Sydney, Thank you so much to you and the rest of the PDL Academy team for your assistance throughout the semester, and the last five years. After struggling with returning to study, and being a pass student throughout University, I ended my CPA study with a credit for Global Strategy and Leadership. It was a tough semester, but with your assistance I was able to complete the program.

Thank you again, Sally S1 2020

Dear Sam, Good news!!! I passed my FR paper. Thank you for the amazing lectures!! I wouldn’t give any more feedback because there is nothing that needs to be done better.  

Cheers Aswath S1 2020

Hi Sydney!! How are you? I got my result and I passed GSL. This semester I was doing two subjects and passed through both subjects 🙂 Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the semester.

Regards, Rucha 🙂 S1 2020

I Passed!! 🙂 Thank you very much for your help and support throughout the semester. Covid-19 made this semester bit odd but your teaching and all the study material helped me a lot to understand the subject. And to be honest I was so nervous before heading into the exam. Thank you very much once again. Take care and stay safe!

Regards, Sanjeev. S1,2020

Hi Samuel, Thank you Sam and PDL. Got 612 pass. Will definitely be with PDL for the next unit.

Thanks K S1 2020

Good afternoon Sydney! Happy Friday 🙂 Results are indeed in, and thanking you very much for your assistance this semester – I earned a High Distinction for this subject. Very proud and very appreciative of your time, effort and of course patience over the last few months of classes. Happy to buy you a drink to say thanks and celebrate! Thanks very much and have a great weekend!.

Sharon. S1 2020

Hi Sydney, I passed by the skin of my teeth, scaled mark 540, my mark 546! Thanks Sydney for all you help, would have definitely failed without the extra help. I really enjoyed the subject, my marks don’t seem to reflect this but we have to take into account covid19 and the challenges this has brought. All the best. Kind regards, 

Sandra. S1 2020

Hi John, Thanks for all your support and supervision during my study of SMA. I passed both Ethics & Governance and SMA. PDL provided sufficient assistance for my studies for the CPA program. I enjoyed the weekly online webinars, MCQ’s and practice tests were very helpful too. Hope to see you again for other subjects.

Best regards, Yunqi Zhou S1,2020

Hi Sam, I got my result and I have achieved credit result. Thank you for your help. Your classes and your lectures slides were really helpful for me and I really enjoyed attending to your classes every Saturdays even though I had to travel from Wollongong.

Thanks again Regards Mitra S1 2020

Hi Jason, I hope you are well. I got a Distinction for the subject, though I expected a better result. The multiple choices in Learning Equity was quite helpful. I definitely recommend to use those questions for revision and preparation for the exam.

Kind regards. Ethan S1 2020

Hi Andrew, Thank you for your email. I just wanted to let you know I passed my CBI exam. This was my final subject, so no more study for me. As you can imagine I am very happy about that. I have used PDL for a few different CPA subjects and would just like to say thank you for all your help in getting me through my CPA. I think the multiple choice questions and lectures have been very helpful and informative and inline with the exams.

Kind regards Natasha S1 2020

The face to face classes and resources were great for keeping me on track throughout the semester (an unusual one as it was). Thanks a million for all of your guidance and support. 

Take care Bebhinn.S1 2020

Dear John, I successfully passed my SMA exam. Thanks for all your support and assistance during the last semester. I look forward to studying Financial Reporting this semester. Stay safe! 

Kind regards Maria Alphonso S1 2020

Dear Jonathan, Pleased to inform you that I have passed the FR exam. Thank you very much for your classes especially your method of teaching DT, which really helped me a lot. Many thanks, 

Sinu Varghese S1,2020

Hi Sam, I am so excited to let you know that I have passed FR. You are the best tutor. Thank you for your great support during those tutorials, which pushed me to achieve this. Yours faithfully,

Deming ZUO. S1 2020

I got a distinction. the best result over the 6 subjects I have studied. Thanks to you Sydney. Warren S1 2020


Warren S1 2020

Hi Sydney, I did Pass the exam.  I give full credit of my GSL pass to PDL. You are an amazing tutor with excellent knowledge. When I asked  Sydney a question he answered it  on the spot, any questions you put in place. He doesn’t say that he will come back later. That’s how amazing he is. Sydney doesn’t go off the track and explains everything. Thanks heaps


Shasheel. S1 2020

Hi Andrew, Thank you so much for your informative and fun classes, it was something to look forward to every week.   You kept us focused and motivated. I manage to get a distinction.  This was my last subject and it is great to finish on a high. Keep well.

Corinne S1 2020

Good morning Sam, I am delighted to tell you that I’ve got through Financial Reporting exam. I have a Distinction. I was expecting a High Distinction because I did the exam very well but I am still very happy with the Distinction mark.  I would like to thank you for all the teaching and mentoring you that you’ve provided us. That really helped us to understand this difficult subject. Thank you so much again for being a great teacher. I wish you all the best as a Financial Reporting teacher and wish you can help more and more students in the future to get through this subject. 

Regards, Supul. S1 2020

Hi Andrew, I received a credit for my CBI paper! Thank you for all your help during the semester! Bring on GSL next semester and my last subject!

Cheers, Ryan S1 2020

Hi Sydney, I got High Distinction for GSL. Thank you for your guidance throughout the semester. I found the tutorials to be very helpful and made the materials much easier to understand and remember.Thanks again.

Kind regards, Tam Nguyen S1 2020

Hi Jonathan, I received a pass score this semester (just).This was my third attempt at financial reporting and I think that the PDL tutoring I received this semester helped me in those few key areas that I was lacking in from previous exams, especially with deferred tax. Just want to thank you for your help. 

Omar.S1 2020

Hi Andrew, I passed CBI. Thank you for all your support.

Kind regards, Runa S1,2020

Hi Jonathan, I passed the FR exam achieving a credit which I am extremely happy and relieved to receive. I really appreciated your tutorials and notes and the way you taught the income tax module in particular was very helpful.

Thanks again. Regards Brett Tillotson S1 2020

Hi Deborah, Thanks for all your supports and supervision.. I’ve passed both Ethics & Governance and Strategic management accounting. PDL provides sufficient assist to my study of CPA program. Multiple questions and practice tests are especially helpful. Hope to see you again in other subjects learning sections.


Best regards, Yunqi Z. S1 2020

Hi Jonathon, Mateeeee….. I passed. I am literally in tears. I had failed two times previously. Your help got me through. I am so grateful for your sessions and it really helped me grasp the subject matter. Thank you so much. You have truly made me a very happy man. Thanks Jonathon. 🙂

Kind Regards, Daniel G S1 2020

Hi Jonathan. Results are now available online. I scored 656 – CREDIT. Thanks for all your support specifically deferred tax and business combination.

Thanks Muhammad. S1 2020

Dear Andrew, You will be pleased to know that I passed my CBI module and have now completed the CPA program. Loved the enthusiasm you had for the subject. Feedback for PDL in my opinion is very positive. 4 of the 6 modules I used PDL Academy. 1 semester when CPA supported the (other) provider, I was not able to use PDL for online tutorials as I am in South Australia. So I used the other provider, rather than have no weekly support. PDL Academy are far more thorough. Again, thanks for your efforts this semester to come in after week 1 and take us through the program. 

Vern G S1 2020

Dear Andrew, You will be pleased to know that I passed my CBI module and have now completed the CPA program. Loved the enthusiasm you had for the subject. Feedback for PDL in my opinion is very positive. 4 of the 6 modules I used PDL Academy. 1 semester when CPA supported the (other) provider, I was not able to use PDL for online tutorials as I am in South Australia. So I used the other provider, rather than have no weekly support. PDL Academy are far more thorough. Again, thanks for your efforts this semester to come in after week 1 and take us through the program. 

Vern G S1 2020

Thank you Deborah, I got a pass. Thank you & PDL for great help during my studies.

Regards Moncy S1 2020

Hello Andrew, Thanks for all your help and for making the subject so dynamic. I have got a high distinction. I still cannot believe it. I finished the exam in 1 hour, so I used the rest of the time to double check my answers. I found it much easier than the questions that CPA had it on the practice test. I really enjoyed this subject, but with COV-19 and work demands I was more anxious than ever. Hurrah! Thanks again for lectures and extra material provided to us.

Kind regards, Hanny Crosbie S1 2020

Got a distinction! Couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you Adele S1 2020

Hi Deborah, I passed EG. Finally after this been my 3rd attempt. I want to thank you so much for all the help and support. Your lectures helped me stay focused and help me understand better and of course get through this exam with a pass. Thanks to you and PDL for helping me get through this exam. I hope to see you in the next semester. I’m still not sure which subject to take next. I’m thinking SMA. I’ve heard the other subjects are harder than EG which is a worry. All the best for the second semester. Thank you kind regards Tonielle Nash S1 2020

Kind regards Tonielle S1 2020

Hi Jason, After an interesting semester, I have scored a distinction in SMA. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice throughout the semester! On a side note, the project I was working on during the semester was centred entirely around adapting the finance function from a transactional basis to a business partner. I thought I would share this with you because that project encapsulates the key messaging behind SMA and proves that SMA is very relevant to the CFO’s agenda.

Thanks, Payne S1 2020

PASSED . Whooo hooo. Thank you for all your help. Tough subject, don’t think I could’ve passed without the assistance of PDL.


Kind regards Deanne 2019

Yes I passed this exam and I can say with a 200% confidence that it was not possible without your valuable teaching. Heaps of thanks to you and PDL for providing such a high level of coaching which seemed very tough when I was doing classes, but it all paid off. You pushed us students beyond our capacity and now I understand why.

You are a wonderful teacher. Anjali 2019

How are you? Hope you are well. I got the results today for FRM and I got a Credit for the course. It would not have been possible without your help and guidance. Just wanted to thank you for being so patient with my questions and  selfless with sharing your knowledge. Thank you heaps.

Warm regards. Usha 2019

Hi Shagun, I wanted to send you this email to thank you for your efforts, I ended up passing AAA and it was down to your great teaching. 

Thank you Mark.S1. 2019

Hi Ted, I just wanted to express how grateful I am for your tuition and support this semester through PDL Academy. I know that without your help and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to get through it. I was doing another module in addition to AAA, and juggling a demanding full-time job, and not only did I pass both modules but I got a credit in AAA!! Well worth every cent and I would recommend PDL Academy to anybody studying their CPA.

Thank you so much. Filiz. S1.2019

“Hi Shagun, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent tuition classes of which I participated in the second semester (face to face) for Advanced Audit & Assurance. The classes were always interesting (not easy to achieve given the subject matter?) I was impressed with the real-life examples used to illustrate key concepts. Not to mention your ability to recite ISA numbers and in some cases the study guide page number!!!!!

It is clear you put 110% effort into your presentation and the amount of additional work and support offered outside of the standard class times.  I was also appreciative of your willingness to tailor the class to what the majority of the group wanted to focus on and didn’t waste time (in my opinion) on practice tests during class.

This was my last subject and it was nice to complete my studies with a credit which I attribute to your additional help and support. All the very best for your future”.

Kind Regards, Leiah Dark. Face to Face S2.2018

“Hi Nikita, I just passed AAA subject Semester 2, 2018. I would not have without help from PDL Academy and would like to point out the help provided by TED COHEN 

  • He was very fast on replying to queries raised with him even outside CAFE hour
  • He had clarity in his replies which helped me to understand concepts and applications.
  • Always was available on his mobile phone & when he missed a call he would call you back

 Good on PDL Academy to have a person like Ted Cohen in your team of teachers.”

”Thomas Jose. Weekly Online S2. 2018

“I passed the SMA exam. Thank you for all your coaching, it would not have been possible without it. The MCQ’s that we did in the class helped me a lot in understanding how to choose the correct options. I was really amazed by your wealth of knowledge and how you had examples of different scenarios, it really helped in understanding the concepts.” 

Kind regards. Gurpreet. S2.2018

“Good evening John, sorry, I have not been in touch, I was so worried about my exam. Today’s result is such a relief, I got a PASS, over the moon!!. Without your guidance and clear instructions, I could not have met this satisfactory goal. Thank you so very much.” 

All the very best, Amy.S2.2018

 I want to thank you very much for your tuition during the semester, I’ve just got a Distinction for GSL, it’s unbelievable. I could not have done this without all of your guidance, PDL documentation and especially your exam tips. I did stick to the plan, managed time well and walked out of the exam venue with high confidence. Eventually, the result reflects it all. Next year, I will sit for Taxation with PDL Academy as a companion. Thank you, PDL Academy.” 

Duc Chinh Do. Online GSL.S2.2018

“Hi Chaminda, I got a High Distinction! Thank you for the excellent tutoring.” 

Regards, Willem S2.2018

“Hi Colin, Just a quick note to let you know I passed my exam for GSL. In fact, I got a credit, so it wasn’t just a stumble across the line. Thank you for the excellent tuition you provided for this subject. Having failed CPA exams previously by going it alone with just the workbook and MyOnline Learning resources, I have to say the PDL tuition, in particular, the face-to-face classes definitely got me to the end of the CPA program.”

Thanks Jane. Weekly face to face S2.2018

I got a pass for GSL and feel amazing ….. Thanks a lot for your teaching. Your course and materials were the key to me for passing. I am so appreciative Thanks a lot, PDL supports.  I don’t know how to express my happiness. Thank you again and again. “


Best Personal Regards Eden Wong. From Hong Kong.S2. 2018

“Hi, Can’t believe it but I got a Distinction. Thank you so much PDL, I couldn’t have done it without the support.”

Deanne T. S2.2018

“Hi PDL, Just a quick note of thanks for the services you offer. I really had no concept of how someone could pass the program without your assistance, certainly, their efforts would have to double. I would also like to express my appreciation for Mr. Colin Byron who is an exceptional lecturer/tutor. I was lucky enough to have his support for 3 of my subjects.”

Many thanks, Sue Weatherill. S2.2018

“Hi, My result is a pass for advanced taxation!!. Also, I would like to thank Gracie for all the help and expertise she provided to our class. Credit goes to her for helping our class to pass this subject. ” 

Thanks, Regards, May.S2, 2018

“Good Morning Ian, I achieved HD in Ethics and Governance, beyond my belief. I was hoping for a pass. I know now that your guidance had not only provided me the expertise in the subject matter but also mastery in the exam techniques.” 

Thank You again. Regards Amit S. S2.2018

“I must thank your tutors for their assistance in the subjects I have passed – without their support and help I would not have got to the last subject – I would have dropped out of the CPA program by now. I must also thank your admin staff who have provided great assistance with any problems I have had – they have made the process much smoother than I expected. “

Kind regards. Deb Thackray. S2.2018

“Hi Joseph, I just wanted to let you know that I received an HD for GSL and I am now a CPA (awaiting the certificate.)
I credit you with making GSL very interesting, relevant and fun to learn which helped me achieve the grade that I did.”

Thanks again, Vikki Purtle. S2.2018

“Hi Colin, Your lectures and additional materials were good. I got Credit in my exam.  Happy with my results. The MCQs’ helped a lot.”  

Thank you again. Yamini. S2 2018

“Hi Chaminda, Your help during the semester was awesome and really helped me with the subject and to get me back in to study mode after a break. I finished the exam not very happy about my performance as I didn’t finish the extended questions, as well as I, would have liked, due to time management. I had stuck to time with the MCQ’s but then blew it on the extended questions, so really wasn’t looking forward to today. So I was really happy to receive my result today of 662 and a distinction grade. Once again, thank you so much for your help and guidance.” 

Regards Victoria S2.2018

“Hi Campion, I got Distinction. Thank you so much for your tutoring and pushing us with our study. I’m very happy with the result.”

Cheers, Tam. S2 2018

“Hi Glenn, Thanks for your help in the course. I found it very beneficial. I passed the unit.”

Cheers. Andrew A. S2.2018

“Hi Joseph, Thank you so much. Your guidance and support have been really helpful. I really enjoyed the sessions. You made the subject so easy to understand and interesting. And of course thanks for the amazing summarised resources.”

Thank you. Minilee. S2.2018

“Dear Mr Sims, I passed the auditing exam. Thanks for all your coaching, it would not have been possible without that. The coaching really helped in clearing the concepts and emphasizing on the important segments.”

Kind regards. Gurpreet Kaur. S2,2018

“I enrolled in AAA in S2 2018 and got a Credit. With full-time work and a mother of two, it was a challenge for me . Thanks, Ted for your support and guidance through the semester.. You are just amazing and made the subject so interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed  studying the subject with you, I have completed my CPA program. I would highly recommend PDL Academy.” 



“Hi Evan, Thanks for the time you spent tutoring us, I passed the exam. The way you tutor was not simply just going through the book and highlighting the main concepts it was the way you communicated with each of us enhancing our understanding and knowledge. Thanks for all your help, have a Merry Christmas in advance.” 

Regards, Andrea. S2.2018

Joseph, I received a Distinction on the exam! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm during classes and the notes which were fantastic. If it was not for the weekly classes I would have probably passed but not achieved this result, the best mark I achieved over the 6 subjects.”

Thanks again.. TA. S2.2018

“Hi Ian, I passed Advanced Audit and Assurance with a Distinction so I was very happy with my result. Thank you for all the effort that you put into the online tutorials they made a huge impact on my understanding of the subject materials. Best wishes for the future.”

Kind regards, Jayden M.S2 2018

“Hi Jon, Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I got a distinction for FR!! It would not have been possible without your guidance and tutoring. Thank you very much.”

Regards Vibha. S2.2018

“Hi Ian, Just letting you know I got a credit with a scaled score of 627.Thank you for all your help in the Intensive Focus course- it really made a difference!”

Anneka S2.2018

“Hi Ian,  got a score of 559, so am pleased with a pass!! I found the tutorials very helpful and won’t hesitate to enrol for some of the other CPA program papers.”  

Regards, Shelley.S S2.2018

“Tutoring with PDL paid off, thanks for your help.  Was not expecting a distinction in this subject.” 


“Dear Chaminda, I’m very happy to inform that I got through Ethics & Governance module last semester. Also, I’m very much thankful for all your support received during this semester. I was lucky to have a dedicated tutor like you for this subject through PDL and thanks a lot. ”

Kind Regards,Eshangi. S2.2018

“I was not able to be successful due to some unforeseen commitments during the semester. However, PDL pass assurance policy is here to help me with free of cost learning platform with minor administration charge. PDL Academy not only celebrates success with successful candidates but also stands with those who couldn’t make it for the time being and ensure them to be successful soon. Thankyou PDL for being the study partner for all times.”

Best Regards Muhammad Saleem. S2,2018

“Thank you for the lessons and cafes you provided. They really helped me a lot for my financial reporting module. I got a distinction and I would like to sincerely thank you for everything. Initially, I struggled a lot with the module and I signed up for PDL Academy halfway during the semester. PDL sessions have helped me a lot especially on the business combination and income tax chapter.”

Anne. S2.2018

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the tutors who assisted me during my online tuition classes, Dylan Moldrich Financial Reporting (Semester 2 2016), Kim Kyd and John Corrigan, Strategic Management Accounting (Semester 1 2017), Bernadette Sarroff, Financial Risk Management (Semester 2 2017), and Joseph Alles, Global Strategy and Leadership (Semester 1 2018) for their help and guidance that enabled me to pass and complete the CPA professional level exams in April 2018. I can’t thank them enough for their great support and encouragement.

I had a few unsuccessful attempts on my own with Strategic Management Accounting and Financial Risk Management modules but passed after enrolling for online tuition. Registering for online classes was the best decision I ever made, so far I have passed four exams in a row since I first enrolled with PDL Academy in July 2016.

I will highly recommend your college to other aspiring CPA Program candidates based on my previous successful results with your online tuition classes. The tutors I have interacted with are magnificent and wonderful.

All the best and keep up the good work!

Richard 2016 - 2018

Thank you so much Aalap for your tutorials. I genuinely did not ‘get’ this unit until these tutorials (actually, the unit was scaring me a fair amount!). I am so glad that I signed up for the package, previously I have only ordered extra Q&As from PDL but will definitely recommend this package for anyone tackling the GS&L course.

Bonnie R.S1.2018

Hi John, Good Morning! I am writing this email to you to let you know that I passed my SMA exam. I was your student at exam preparation class. Thank You for all your help. You have provided me with a solid direction to prepare for exam. Thank You again. 

Amit. S1.2018

Thank you very much for all support and encouragement. I got a distinction for GSL. It was lovely to get to know you and I enjoyed the time in the GSL class. PDL has played a great part in my CPA journey. I have one more subject( elective) left to complete the course. Thank you very much for your support. Kind regards 

Fazla H. S1.2018

“Hi Campion, I just got my results and I got a credit!!! I’m so happy and I just want to say thank you! I really enjoyed your class and I love how you tested us in class! It helped me to prepare before going to your class every Saturday! Keep up the good work!”

Regards Kim Ha. S2 2018

I hadn’t got around to thanking you for your help yet! I got a HD and I have finished the CPA Program! Best result I have achieved whilst doing the CPA Program. I found the resources provided as well as the lectures really helpful in my exam preparation. Thank you. 

Carolyn S1. 2018

Hi Aalap, I want to say thank you very much for helping with the exam preparation. Your last slides were the most helpful wherein you put everything in one place. I  It was very very helpful!.  That was brilliant of you. Please give this positive feedback to PDL academy so that this practice can be continued. Everything you told us was spot on. And thanks for that “keeping in mind” about the time. Thank you again. All the very best to you.

Regards, Rose Mari-Onate. S1.2018

Hi Glenn, I passed my exam (Fundamental Financial Planning), with a distinction. Which I am very pleased with, particularly as this was my final subject. Thank you for your assistance, I found your classes very helpful, as they were practical, relevant and you provided valuable additional resources. 

Lawrence Gleadhill. S1.2018

Hi John, I got a Credit for this subject and again, thank you very much for  those revision classes, they were really helpful! I found especially the index quite helpful as well, it is much more quicker to find things during the exam and saved a lot of time 🙂 Have a lovely day. 

Ivy. S1. 2018

Hi Glenn, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help this semester, not only did I pass my final subject but I actually got a credit for FPF. 

Amanda Condo (repeat student) S1. 2018

Thank you for making the classes so interesting. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It also makes me want to learn more and view things in different perspectives. I can’t believe I’ve got a HD! It was my best one out of other subjects. Thank you so much! Best Regards

Emily S1. 2018

Hi John, I had a great experience once again with PDL, the resources/tools provided are very helpful in being exam ready. I walked out of the exam feeling okay (ie. that I didn’t crash and burn) and when the results came out with a HD was pleasantly surprised. Many thanks 

Casey S1. 2018

Hi Ian, I got a credit . I am very pleased with my results because I did Financial Reporting and also got a credit. I really appreciated your efforts and most importantly your extensive knowledge. Because of your experience in many senior roles across both private and public, I learned more than what I expected. I really enjoyed your examples and listening to your experiences over the years. That was a bonus for us.

Thanks and regards Apsara. S1.2018

Hi Aalap, I just wanted to thank you for all your tutoring throughout the semester. Your words of encouragement and exceptional teaching enabled me to achieve that distinction for my last unit. 

Many thanks. Eric. S1.2018

Hi Joseph, I just want to thank you for all your support to get me through GSL. You are great, Joseph! I have been privileged to be taught by someone as highly regarded as you. I really had a great time in your class! Thanks a million! Kind regards 

Ashlynn. S1. 2018

 Thanks to your great tuition and excellent resources I received a Distinction. I did find the exam was quite challenging and didn’t leave feeling too confident so was pleasantly surprised at my result. I got full marks in Strategy implementation M6  and received just over average in all other modules.Thanks. 

Lizzie. S1. 2018

Hi John, I got a credit in SMA with the help of your course. I’ve enrolled in GSL exam for coming Oct and also enrolled in PDL’s GSL weekly online course for that. Thanks again for your amazing course, practice tests & MCQ’s provided by PDL to help me pass the SMA, EG and FR at the same time on my first attempt ! Regards 

Sherry S1. 2018

Good Afternoon Trevor, I have passed in strategic financial management,  which I did not expect to because I had not completed the paper. I had left the last question out since I had no time but made sure I did the others pretty well. Thank you very much for all the  lectures. You were fantastic!. I did not attend any of the live lectures but went  through the recorded lectures which is what I have done with all the units so far. I thank you once again for making the concepts easy and crystal clear.  kind regards.

Navaaz C. S1. 2018

 I scored a HD for GSL. I found your classes really helpful and would recommend anyone to take them! Regards

Freedy. S1.2018

I am delighted to let you know that I have passed the examination and completed the Professional Program. I did the multiple choice revision test which gave me a lot of assistance for my preparation of the exam.  I will recommend PDL to my friends when they need some help for their CPA studies. Once again, thank you very much for the PDL support team. Kind Regards

Rosa. S1. 2018

The exam practice sessions from PDL and Practice tests immensely helped me set up my study directions. I was spread everywhere before taking your class and did not have much clue of the possible critical areas, hence, I was giving all areas equal attention. You guidance provided insight to critical areas and that significantly improved my subject matter concept, focus and application areas. A huge Thank You again

Amit S1, 2018

Dear Ian, Hope you are well. I am glad to inform you that I passed the audit exam. YAY!!! My appreciation for your dedication in teaching over the semester. It was great to have a tutor like you. All the best!

Best regards, Julie Nguyen. S1 2018

Hi Glenn, Thanks for your help. Just wanted to let you know I passed. I do not think I would have if I did not do the classes. 

N. M. S1.2018

Finally got my Distinction result for CBI. Your lectures were a tremendous help.  I will definitely recommend it to other candidates. Thank you so much for your all your constant reminders to focus and study harder. It’s really worth it. Have a great day to you and more power!  Cheers, 

Cheryl. S1. 2018

Good Afternoon John, Glenn, Lasith, Atul, Percy, Tristan & Chris, I would like to thank you all for your assistance and encouragement whilst I participated in your subject. On Thursday I received an email from CPA Australia advising me that I have completed all required subjects and will be graduating in the next graduation ceremony. Without your assistance this would not be possible and I wish to thank you all again for the support you gave me. I thoroughly recommend to anyone who is commencing their CPA to strongly consider using PDL to assist them with their studies, for without I doubt I would be finished yet.  

Yours Sincerely, ChrIs T. S1.2018

Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your help. I got a high distinction. Will definitely refer PDL to my friends. The materials you sent were very useful. Thanks again and goodnight.

Regards Ivy. S1.2018

Hello Chaminda, I just wanted to share the news that I managed to pass my Ethics and Governance Exam. I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in the exam preparation, as I couldn’t have passed it without attending/watching your lectures. Your continuous effort to ensure that we kept up with the pace of the course and the case studies you discussed were critical in passing the exam. Again, thanks a lot for your efforts and encouragement. Can’t really thank you enough. 

Regards, Samarth Agarwal. S2.2017

Hi Percy, I just wanted to let you know that I received a pass for advanced taxation this semester, along with a distinction for SMA whilst working 45 hours and commuting 15 hours a week. Thank you sincerely for your assistance to consolidate my learning and make advanced taxation interesting and enjoyable.

Best regards Terrene S1.2018

Hi Mugu, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great support throughout the semester. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my Financial Reporting exam without your help. Your teaching style is just amazing, and I really appreciated your hard work. Thanks to PDL Academy as well for providing such a high caliber tutor. This was my fourth subject with PDL and I can certainly tell that they have subject experts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PDL Academy to any CPA candidate.

SR. FR. S2.2017

Hi Team, just writing to give my warm thanks and appreciation of the Financial Planning Fundamentals CPA Exam Preparation unit. The unit was very helpful in helping me achieve a credit and complete my studies and I am glad I chose this support to get me through and was well worth the investment. Many thanks

Curtis L, FPF S2. 2017

 I really thank you for your support during my GSL studies throughout October. I received Distinction for my CPA exam result. I really appreciate your help and your handy tips. You really are an excellent mentor. Keep in touch. Regards. 

Leony H. GSL.

Many thanks for all of your support. Without assistance from PDL & expert tutor like you, I would not have been able to finish my CPA. Now I have completed all & reached my goal within the expected time frame.

Best Regards, Htet. S2.2017

Dear Julie, Thank you very much for your fantastic presentations for CPA Program Ethics & Governance I enjoyed them very much. I wanted to let you know I achieved a Credit whilst I was juggling a part-time job and attending an interpreting course. I have followed you on LinkedIn and I admire you very much and your achievements are outstanding.  As the Ethics & Governance tutor for the CPA Program and successful woman in the boardroom, I just feel so fascinated about your achievements and success.

Min S2. 2017

Hi Shagun, I Got a pass for Financial Risk Management and managed to secure 591 on a scale of 900. Very excited and satisfied with my result. Thank you very much for your assistance. The learning materials were very useful especially during the last week preparing for my exam. Hope everyone managed to get through. 

Cheers Bobby Varghese. S2.2017

Hi Glenn, I passed. Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience and bearing with us/ me always being a bit behind. You did exceptionally well at keeping us posted on how you were progressing on getting us additional materials and questions during the course. Your online lectures were the best I have ever attended your preparation, demeanour, clear wording and professionalism is something I doubt I will experience again. Wishing you all the best, the financial planning industry is lucky to have someone of your calibre and experience leading the way for both new entrants and challenging your peers at the highest level within the industry. You have definitely inspired me. A very big thank you. 


Hi Glenn, Thank you! I got a pass and I would like to express my gratitude towards your teaching, I would not have passed without your lectures. You were helpful, patient and always willing to answer all of our questions. I will not hesitate to apply for my last unit with PDL Academy next semester. Thank you very much! 

Victor. S2. 2017

Hi Shagun, I want to say thank you for helping me pass this exam. You have been a great instrument for all of your students. You are such a good teacher and please continue your good work. 

Thank you very much. Christine. S2.2017

Hi Glen, well you can add another success story to your list. I was lucky enough to earn a credit. I really want to say a huge thank you for sharing with us your wealth of information.  You had a difficult task. This is my last subject, in the end, I used PDL for 5 of my subjects. Thanks to the team. 

Kind regards. Desley E. S2.2017

Hi Shagun, Results for AAA- Credit. Thank you for your support and guidance during the journey, you have great passion and focussed teaching methods. You go a step forward to help. 

Cheers V.S2.

Hi Joseph, Friday was a happy day for me.   I passed GSL with a credit.  I am now finished my CPA. I have to say GSL was probably the one subject I enjoyed, and I think it was all down to you.  Your teaching style and acronyms will be imprinted in my mind for the rest of my life, especially P-ZORRO.  Thank you very much to PDL for giving me the tools to get through and keeping me in-check to sit down every week and study.   It wasn’t an easy ride for me, but I got there in the end. Thanks and regards Rod A. S2.2017

Thanks and regards Rod A. S2. 2017

Hi Shagun, I Got a pass for Financial Risk Management and managed to secure 591 on a scale of 900. Very excited and satisfied with my result. Thank you very much for your assistance. The learning materials were very useful especially during the last week preparing for my exam. Hope everyone managed to get through. 

Cheers Bobby Varghese. S2.2017

Hi Richard, thank you very much for all your assistance and guidance throughout the semester and thankyou as well for providing the various templates and “cheat sheets” to assist us. These were very handy when it came to sitting the exam especially the cash flow T accounts. I’ll be sitting Global Strategy Leadership next semester and will be enrolling with PDL again so hopefully I will see you around again if you are going to tutor financial reporting. Have a great Christmas! Thanks again and regards, 


Hi Shagun, My result is PASS 🙂 Having failed twice in this subject previously, I can really feel the difference how PDL Academy’s tutorials made a difference to my overall understanding on the concept of the contents which gave me more confidence to tackle exam questions. Thanks to your lectures and patient in answering all our questions! I will definitely enroll with PDL for my next subject which I have yet to decide. 

Cheers, Priscilla. S2

Friday was a happy day for me.   I passed GSL with a credit.  I am now finished my CPA. I have to say GSL was probably the one subject I enjoyed, and I think it was all down to you.  Your teaching style and acronyms will be imprinted in my mind for the rest of my life, especially P-ZORRO.  Thank you very much to PDL for giving me the tools to get through and keeping me in-check to sit down every week and study.   It wasn’t an easy ride for me, but I got there in the end. 

Thanks and regards Rod A. S2

Hi Aalap, I just wanted to pass my thank you in person. I have passed GSL with a Distinction. This wouldn’t be achievable if it wasn’t for your teaching and constant support throughout the semester. After failing the unit, I had given up this subject for almost 3 semesters. But thought I’d give it a try with PDL Academy and then only I realised I have been approaching the subject in a wrong way all this time. So, I am sending my sincere gratitude to you and the PDL team for a very enjoyable and informative semester. I wouldn’t have done it without all of you

Best Regards D. Ratnayake.S2

Hi Campion, Thanks for the guidance, motivation, knowledge, and everything. I did what you told me, manage my time, and I scored higher than other subjects. Yes, I missed our on a credit but as you said I followed your strategy of managing my time and I passed comfortably.  Many thanks to you, I remember your words keep it cool and you will get through and what helped most were the Practice Tests and other MCQ’s which prepared me to work under time pressure. 

Thanks and regards Arti.

Hi Shagun, I passed my exam. Thank you for your help during the semester 🙂 the way you taught helped me digest the subject a lot easier. I hope you continue to help others achieve success in AAA.

Much appreciated. Many Thanks. Richard., Your Content Goes Here

I just wanted to personally email you to thank you and the staff at PDL for their support with my studies over the last two semesters.

Last night I received my results and achieved a distinction. This is the first distinction I have received in any of my CPA subjects (4 subjects I received pass marks working on my own) and to say I am stoked is an understatement. Tristan asked the group what we wanted to achieve out of the subject? One of the students said “just to pass”. Tristan responded by asking the student why they were aiming for just a pass. The discussion that unfolded after this really challenged my thoughts and how I approached my studies in this subject (much like your words when you spoke) and it moved my mindset from achieving a pass and to get through to working towards (and achieving) a distinction. It just goes to show you that you can achieve anything with the right resources and level of commitment.

You probably already know this, but the likes of Tristan and Perci are such assets to your business. Their knowledge, commitment and approach to the students is nothing short of exceptional. Both Tristan and Perci were very generous with their time and worked hard to help me understand any problems I was having with the subject. The way in which they deliver the material, answer questions and work with the students really makes them experts in their fields.

As I have said to you before, my only regret is that I didn’t use PDL a long time ago – I would have finished my CPA much earlier.

Kaylene. GSL.S1. 2017

Hi Aalap, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a successful semester.  After sitting an exam that I hated I received a credit and I am now finished all of my studies relating to CPA. I could have not got through this semester without your great tutoring and advice.  I also loved that you made us form study groups as I would not have got through without that amazing group of individuals. 

 The other piece of fabulous news that I wanted to share is that every member of our online study passed so what you and PDL are doing really works.

 So a massive thank you – you made me really enjoy this subject and also get a credit for my efforts. Have a fabulous weekend and thanks again.



I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference my tuition with PDL made. I have just got my results and am ecstatic to have received a High distinction!Yes I worked hard but the resources & direction I got through using the tuition contributed greatly . I will be using you again for my last subject & recommending you to anyone who asks. 

Regards D.R. S1. 2017

Your tutoring is very in depth and you:
1. Cover topics very clearly
2. Gave examples of real companies that are so relative
4. Push students to do the work and apply themselves for the case studies practice

It helped me:
1. Summarize, & I found that you have to know your case study back to front,  apply the case facts to the actual study guide, so your summaries for the modules and summaries for the case studies both helped a lot.