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Dear Trevor, I like to say a big Thank you! You are an amazing lecturer who has helped me finally pass SMA, and now I have completed my CPA studies!!. PDL Academy should be honoured to have someone like you. My wife and kids were in tears when I found out the news this afternoon.  To be honest I couldn’t bring myself to check my exam result it took two days, this was my third and last attempt.  It’s finally done now, all those long study hours and listening to your lectures over and over. I can’t thank you enough!I Kind Regards, TZ Jan 2016

Dear Colin, I wish to thank you immensely for assisting me with the CPA  Strategic Management Accounting subject in 2015 Semester 2. This was my first time attempting CPA and thanks to your attention to detail and experience, especially the last few classes with the PERT diagram in-depth coverage as well as overall subject content, it made it all the more passable.Thanks and best regards M.R. SMA Candidate. Dec 2015

Hi Campion, I received a DISTINCTION!I am so happy :) I really didn't know how I had performed so I was hoping I'd passed as the questions were not straight forward so a Distinction is mind-blowing. I have never worked so hard for a subject though so it is very gratifying to see that hard work does indeed pay off. Thank you so much for scaring us and pushing us. I would never have achieved this result if I had not attended your classes. N.W. Nov 2015

Hello Joseph, I was one of your online students this year doing GSL in the 2nd Semester. I just got my results… and I passed!!! I just wanted to thank you for your tutelage via the online seminars, they really helped me to better understand the subject.  This was my 3rd attempt of GSL (I was a bit deflated after just failing in my previous 2 attempts)but this my first attempt using PDL and your teaching techniques.  

I will make sure to tell anyone who is doing CPA to go look at PDL. Once again thank you and have a great day. Yours Sincerely, Helder Nov 2015