PDL Academy have put together sample packs of the 4 core subjects that will give you some insights into how we can support you in your subject….

 Candidates struggle for the following reasons:

  • They do not adapt their study approach to meet the  professional qualification standards
  • They are unable to apply the principles and concepts to application based questions
  • Concepts are challenging for those from a different cultural background
  • Unable to maintain focus and relevance, especially where English is their second language

Our Free Sample Pack includes ….

  1. Quick Reference Index (QRI) – that candidates say is  a major help in the exam itself
  2. Module Summary – a summary of the key learning points covering Module 1 of the study guide
  3. Practice Test – access to 1 practice test that will get you ready for your exam

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Get the help you need with a subject expert that will provide support, understanding and insights so that you can achieve success and avoid being a failure statistic.

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Read what your peers are saying…

“Hope you are well. I passed the exam and just want to send my gratitude. It’s been a good semester, I really enjoyed the classes ( what really stood out is Sydney’s teaching / delivery method and combined with the class interactions(with the tutor and other candidates) that really helped me in understanding the concepts and made the whole experience fun and productive. The MCQ’s during classes, the real life examples, the home challenges, the summary, the practice exams, your quick prompt responses to all the questions, all of them really helped me to keep myself in check on my understandings and my study plan”. Huge thank you and all the best!.

Kind Regards, H. GSL S1 2021

Hi Josephine,  I passed FRM with credit. Thank you for the help from Carlos and PDL team. 

Regards, Matthew M.FRM.S1 2021

Gerry I PASSED !!!! So thrilled I did pass by the skin on my teeth but guess what a PASS is a PASS. Thank you so much for all your hard work last semester, 

Kind Regards Jacqui M. SMA. S1 2021

” PDL has the best strategies and practice materials. I am satisfied with the quality of training and support from the whole team. Received a credit in SMA, a big thank you to Gerry for his excellent teaching and guidance throughout the semester. Happy to enroll into PDL for this upcoming semester”.

Kind regards, Yuvady.S1 2021 SMA

“Hi Sam, thank you for your email, I got a credit. 

Thank you Mohammed”.FR. S1 2021

Hi Jonathan, I received a Distinction which was pretty awesome.  And my best subject was Deferred Tax!  I know I definitely wouldn’t have gotten those results without your great teaching and PDL’s great resources so thanks so much for everything. 

Cheers Janine FR. S1 2021