Tutorials recorded by our subject matter expert Zahid Hassan who guides you through the subject matter in a structured manner

Subject Essentials facilitates an in-depth understanding of the subject material – provides a study structure to set you up for success. Subject matter experts guide you through the study guide in a structured manner providing understanding and insight into the key principles and concepts that will enable you to master the subject. As the exam approaches, the focus shifts to revision and exam preparation.


  • unique and extensive study materials to facilitate all learning styles
  • study guide covered in-depth, addressing key learning objectives that are examinable
  • network and share ideas with fellow candidates through the Forum in your LMS
  • specifically developed materials to support and supplement your learning
  • master your exam techniques, to provide you with confidence going into the exam

Study Option Inclusions

21 hours of recorded tutorials & café sessions
  • guides you through the study guide in a structured manner
Module Summaries
  • provides base knowledge and understanding of key areas for each module of the study guide
  • provides insight into the subject matter
  • accessible 24/7
Quick Reference Index© (QRI)
  • a great tool to use for revision and in the exam
  • an index to assist you in navigating the study guide
  • adaptable to meet your specific requirements
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's)
  • questions are aligned to the study guide modules, timed with feedback provided
  • designed to test your knowledge of the modules in the study guide
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of topic areas
  • comprehensive range of questions covering the study guide
  • structured differently to Practice Tests
Exam Revision Checklist© (ERQ)

• detailed checklist of study areas by module
• will facilitate more effective revision of subject content
• specifically aligned to the study guide
• helps identify areas that may require extra focus

PDL Support Slides
  • developed by PDL Academy with significant enhancement by PDL Academy tutor insights
  • provides an extensive high-level summary of material content
  • reinforces the core knowledge from the study guide
  • aligned with the CPA study guide learning objectives
Practice Tests
  • 4 timed online tests
  • structured in accordance with exam weighting, format, and style
  • timed based with instant feedback
  • performance feedback identifying strengths/weaknesses aligned to subject modules
  • developed by our PDL Academy subject matter experts
  • designed to fine-tune your exam preparation
PDL Exam Guide & Videos
  • tips & techniques to prepare you for the exam
  • guide to help you prepare and understand what to expect leading up to and during the exam.
  • 4 short videos on exam tips and what to expect in the exam